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Expedition Camera is the biggest outdoor and travel film festival in Czech and Slovak Republics and takes place annually in February and March in several Czech and Slovak cities. Film festival includes adventure, travel, expedition, mountain climbing, white water, extreme sports and similar movies.


Are you professional or independent filmmaker and do you want to submit your movie to festival Expedition Camera? Ensure your movie fits one of the topics mentioned above and send us email with basic characteristics:

  • Name,
  • date of creation,
  • director and production,
  • length of movie,
  • short annotation and link to trailer.

Please contact Kateřina Karlová - katerina(a)snowfilm.cz


SUBMIT MOVIE – rules and conditions

Movie in any other language than Czech is necessary to send with transcript of English subtitles.

We only accept movie in HD format (1280x720px) or better.

Two possible ways of sending movie:

  • via our FTP (I will send you log-in details)
  • via transfer.com, filemail.com, drop box or others,

All entries give the right to film festival Expedition Camera to show it only within festival. Festival cannot copy and spread the movie to third parties.

02.01.2013, Redakce